| November 8, 2013
Busta Rhymes – Thank You (Ft. Q-Tip, Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne)


Thank you Busta and Q. This brings me back to the days when a high school kid in pink polos first discovered Midnight Marauders and everything changed for the better. The newest joint from the-hit-or-miss-but-always-lovable Mr. Rhymes, “Thank You,” featuring several stellar verses from my favorite MC of all time, Q-Tip, is a reminder that inventive, lyrical backpack hip hop is still alive. R&B might be in vogue in hip hop hipsterdom, and Pitchfork might be disingenuously slinging out eight point ratings to Waka Flocka, but “Thank You,” with brief throw-away cameos from Kanye and Baby D, is proof that spitting poetry, half-hilarious half-brilliant, over minimalist jazz piano and sparse beats still works. With Busta’s comic book onomatopoeiae¬†(“See how we push sometimes man forget cuff, beat him the head / Boop-be-de-de-boff, zippity-boof / Beat him in the head again, “stop killing me, Wolf!”) in full effect and Q-Tip’s smoothly delivered no-sweat-off-my-back Brooklyn bravado as fresh as ever (“Bitches and ballerinas / Ballers and in-betweeners / Blatant non-believers and over-achievers / Kicking it in paisley Adidas”), “Thank You” delivers on all counts. Check it out below.

STREAM: Busta Rhymes – “Thank You (Ft. Q-Tip, Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne)”