New | April 2, 2016
Bwana Unveils New Akira-Themed Mixtape


One doesn’t have to be East African or speak Swahili to know that the word “bwana” means “boss” or “master”. How appropriate though for Bwana, the sonic alias of German DJ Nathan Micay, that his Akira-themed mixtape is pretty BOSS. It is a slick, futuristic, grand score. “Akira’s Light” is its sonic thesis.  It moves, paving a long winding path into some seedy Japanese underbelly of a city. It is the symphony of a dark city on a dark night, but one that glows.  If you don’t believe, then check out the cinematic comic created to accompany the music, stark yet striking.

Stream the mixtape and it’s accompanying visuals here.

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