New | October 5, 2017
Cale & The Gravity Well debut latest single “Zambia”

Cale & The Gravity Well
In a push for peace and tranquility, Cale & The Gravity Well glide into the scene with “Zambia”. Sicne 2015, the band have been wooing the venues of their New York hometown with thought-provoking writing and the ability to instantly redirect ears. This is an addictive one, with call backs to fringe indie rock of the mid-2000’s. They clearly know where they come from and, more importantly, where they’re headed. The band recently returned from Singapore where they played the Formula 1 Grand Prix and we’re looking forward to some dates around this new EP, so stay tuend for more info.

Their forthcoming EP, Creation Myths, is out in November.

On the new single, the band write
“Zambia is about feeling like life is mundane, and that boredom and unfulfillment is the fault of your environment or other external factors instead of you. So the impetus is that by leaving it all behind, by say going to some exotic and romantic land, you could change all that without changing yourself, which of course, doesn’t really work.”