| August 13, 2013
Caroline Smith – Magazine


Having a male take on Caroline Smith‘s Half About Being A Woman probably isn’t the best way to get, as VH1 would put it, “behind the music.” The Minneapolis singer/songwriter describes her upcoming third LP as “a feel-good record about growing in to your own skin & owning your woman-ness.” Far be it from yours truly to speak to the subject matter, but if the album’s first single “Magazine” is what “owning your woman-ness” is then god damn it I am woman hear me roar. The first taste of the record occupies the perfect space between pop and soul, that exact spot between the between the two where it’s neither one nor the other, but something better. And Caroline’s voice is rather nice. Stream “Magazine” below.

Caroline’s holding a Kickstarter to finish recording Half About Being A Woman. If you ask us, it’s a cause worth supporting. Check it out here.

MP3: Caroline Smith – “Magazine”