ICYMI | February 2, 2015
Catch Up: February 2nd, 2015


Music Charity 

We all know about Katy Perry and her Super Bowl sharks. They were pretty cool, albeit confusing and odd. But an even more impressive outcome from yesterday’s halftime show is that Missy Elliott, who has been quiet for years now, experienced a meteoric rise in song purchases and streams. Just since yesterday, Elliott has gained three spots in the iTunes top 10, while her streaming rate increased by more than 670%. The best part of her immediate return to fame is that today’s hip kids have put her right up there in the ranks of Sir Paul McCartney: how kind for Katy and Kanye to have blessed these newfound souls. (h/t Pigeons and Planes)


The Beatles - Tour of the United States

Speaking of Sir Paul…

That Abbey Road photo is about to get a little competition. Bob Bonis, the tour manager for the Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the 60s, recently shared a series of pictures of the two bands that have never before been exposed to public view. Bonis announced a partnership with eBay, planning to sell limited edition prints of the photos over the course of the next two years. As a point for comparison, prints from the Abbey Road shoot sold at a London auction in November for 180,000 Euros. Guess it’s either start saving or learn to count cards. (h/t NME)


And If You’ve Really Been Living Under A Rock…

…watch this. All of it. Because Jimmy Fallon is truly terrific.