ICYMI | February 6, 2015
Catch Up: February 5th, 2015


Bridging the Generation Gap

Madonna released the first video from her forthcoming album Rebel Heart today via Snapchat. The app recently debuted its Discover channel – which is basically a sponsored snap story featuring channels like CNN, NatGeo and the Food Channel. Despite the fact that the Discover channel has barely been around for a week, Madonna’s endorsement is a huge step for Snapchat and its alleged musical ambitions. All of this is certainly different from Snapchat circa 2011. Read more here. (h/t Billboard)



Get Rich Quick: Be A Shark.

John Mayer took on the hosting responsibilities for The Late Late Show on Wednesday night, and kicked off the evening with an attempt to interview the world’s most famous dancing sharks. It was a bit of a simultaneous hit and miss, as the sharks, being aquatic animals, were unable to speak. Watch the clip above.



Cool Guys Doing Cool Things

Jack White of the White Stripes and Weird Al shared a cup of coffee today. Firstly, what a pair of cool guys, and secondly – and more significantly – this marks Jack White’s official induction into “making it.” In an interview with Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show just a few months back, White said, “When I have coffee with ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic one day, that’s when I’ll know. People say ‘I know I’ve made it when ‘Weird Al’ covers your song.’ That’s not true — you have to have coffee with him.” A day for the books. (h/t Consequence of Sound)