ICYMI | February 7, 2015
Catch Up: February 6th, 2015


Alive in Our Hearts

Tupac is just one of those music guys who has an endless celebrity – like Michael Jackson or John Lennon or Elvis. He came up again today when a letter of his was discovered, this one outlining a potential collaboration album with Outkast, Scarface, and Buckshot, among others. It would have been called One Nation – it would have been historic. (h/t Pigeons and Planes)



“Asspizza is Love, Asspizza is Life”

Asspizza is a sixteen-year-old boy who draws cartoons, puts them on clothes, and has consequently created some of the most sought after designs in the fashion industry. Wiz, Theophilus, Lorde, and a slew of others are constantly after his stuff – because it’s rare, and because it’s intriguing. Rolling Stone videoed an interview with Asspizza and his highly adolescent group of collaborators, and surprisingly, it’s kind of enlightening and interesting in an angsty sort of way. Watch it here.



This Sh*t is Bananas.

Yesterday, Jack White finally “made it” because he shared a cup of joe with Weird Al. Today, his fame is catching up with him – White recently played a show at the University of Oklahoma, and got into a tiff with the University’s newspaper because it printed some of the financial and personal aspects of his contract. After the pretty regular reporting of the show’s cost, the newspaper also revealed the specific guacamole recipe for the dip that White likes to have present while he’s playing, his extreme aversion to bananas, and his post-show meal: “New York strip steak, cooked medium, with steamed vegetables on the side and no sauce.” The main aftereffect of the scandal is OU’s earned spot on both White and his management’s blacklist. Holy smokes. (h/t Consequence of Sound)