ICYMI | January 30, 2015
Catch Up: January 29th, 2015


But Really, He Must Be a God.

The world exploded a little bit today when Kanye West shared the complete video for “Only One,” after his teaser appearance on Ellen this morning. The song is the first manifestation of West’s collaboration with Paul McCartney, and the video is a lovely, misty serenade directed by Spike Jonze. The star power in this is just unreal. Watch it on Kanye’s website.



Lil’ B and Veganaise Sitting In a Tree.

The Based God recently collaborated with Follow Your Heart – the creators of Veganaise – to create a vegan-friendly, bright and happy emoji app that pretty much allows you to send smiling, cartoon jars of animal-friendly spread to all your friends. Despite its leanings towards the ridiculous, the app also directs users where to buy vegan products locally, so it really is making the world a better, more welcoming place. And Lil’ B just likes to make the people smile. Check out the app here. (h/t Vulture)



He Does What He Wants.

Chance the Rapper spoke to GQ in a recently released interview, revealing that his yet-to-be-named forthcoming LP includes collaborations with Frank Ocean, Andre 3000 and J. Cole. Chance says he’s ready to move on from the tired rapper-plus-DJ act, and instead plans to grow up a bit and introduce a little theater back into the world of hip-hop. He even cites The Lion King as one of his inspirations, which isn’t so surprising if you check out his Instagram. With all of these influences and insights, this next one’s sure to be big.