ICYMI | October 15, 2014
Catch Up: October 15th, 2014

meow run the jewels

Meow the Jewels is happening.
Congrats everybody, we did it! El-P took to Twitter to announce that fan-intiated Kickstarter Meow The Jewels had reached it’s funding goal. $45,000 to be exact, and contributions are still coming in. So it’s official, Run The Jewels‘ next album will be remixed using only cat sounds. Wait, this was a terrible idea…

For real though, if you haven’t listened to RTJ’s latest collab with Rage Against The Machine‘s Zack De La Rocha you are a fool. This Fader feature on recording RTJ2 is pretty cool too.


iggy pop lecture

Iggy Pop, Ph.D.
Few people are as good at consistently being the fucking man as Iggy Pop. The patron saint of punk’s latest move? Delivering this year’s BBC John Peel lecture at the UK Radio Festival. Longevity, entrepreneurship, underdogs, labels, media — he covers a lot of ground and delivers plenty of good soundbites. Full listen available here. Abridged versions here and here.


Afroman’s getting high Again.
We’re surprised it took this long for Afroman to take another stab at cultural relevance, but better late 2014 than never. Today the Grammy-nominated rapper — yup, for “Because I Got High” back in 2002 — posted a “positive” remix of his classic track that lists one or two (a lot) of reasons why smoking reefer these days ain’t so bad. Watch it above.


andre 300 outkast interview

NPR sits down with Andre 3000.
Okay, so this interview’s a few weeks old, but any chance to jump into the mind of André Benjamin is one worth taking. Outkast’s more eccentric half (he doesn’t care what you call him anymore) sat down with NPR Microphone Check to talk about his Hendrix biopic, working with Aretha Franklin and, of course, Atlanta. Stream it above.