ICYMI | October 17, 2014
Catch Up: October 16th, 2014

Ya ya ya, Sia is Lorde, ya ya ya.
Of course South Park is going to make a full-length version of their Lorde spoof. And of course they’re going to have somebody huge like Sia do it. “Push (Feeling Good On A Wednesday)” was probably recorded in a couple takes, but who gives a shit? This one’s going straight into the South Park musical pantheon, right between this and this.


Meow the Jewels has a trailer meow.
Alright, fine. Meow the Jewels is happening. Might as well embrace it, especially since there’s a trailer for the damn thing (but not going to lie, guest spots from Dan The Automator and Zola Jesus sound pretty cool). The most important lesson here, however, is that any animal-artist hybrid album is possible now. As long as it involve goats, of course.


grateful dead jerry garcia

A-one and a-two and a-three and a-four and a-five…
And just to make sure your dreams are anything but normal tonight, here’s a carefully-crafted, 90 minute supercut of the Grateful Dead tuning their instruments live. Not going to lie, it’s having a zen effect on us… (h/t: A.V. Club)