ICYMI | October 23, 2014
Catch Up: So That’s The Creepy Song in the Avengers Trailer…

I’ve got no strings to hold me down.
Pro tip: when making a movie trailer, make sure to soundtrack it with a creepy cover of an otherwise normal song. It worked for Liam Neeson. It also worked for the Avengers (at least if you’re the type who pored over the new trailer second by second). At the 0:45 mark, a young girl starts singing words that, with the backdrop of a fast-paced action movie, are hard to decipher. Turns out its an eerie, slowed down version of “I’ve Got No Strings,” the classic song from Disney’s Pinocchio. Finally, that whole Disney-Marvel acquisition pays off. (h/t: Comics Alliance)


American Horror Story: Lana Del Rey.
The next best thing to performing in a cemetery? Getting your song covered on American Horror Story. Lana Del Rey got her validation from the horror community last night when Jessica Lange’s Elsa Mars covered “Gods And Monsters” on tonight’s episode of the hit FX show. Watch it above.


danger mouse u2

U2 and Danger Mouse (not) sitting in a tree…
Bono just used up all those glaucoma sympathy points. Turns out that U2 and Danger Mouse, who collaborated on “Invisible” and “Ordinary Love,” may have also recorded an album’s worth of tracks that could have ended up being Songs Of Innocence. According to The Edge, what they made together wasn’t up to snuff, so U2 ended up bring a number of other producers on board to complete the album. Danger Mouse ain’t mad, so no point in making a fuss about it. But man, that would’ve been cool… (h/t: Stereogum)


drake degrassi beanie

Y’all know you want this Drake Degrassi wheelchair beanie.
. And this Anaconda sweater. And this Awkward Dive bucket hat. (h/t: Fader)