New | April 18, 2016
Cate le Bon Emerges From the Undercurrent With “Crab Day” LP

Cate Le Bon’s been living on the undercurrent. Through her past 3 albums, especially on 2013’s underrated Mug Museum, she’s been slowly but surely establishing herself as a songwriter that’s not only brilliant, but cleverly able to stitch both playfulness and wickedness. Her newest album, Crab Day, is her best yet. With a minimal-savvy approach to instrumentation that echoes the best of The Fiery Furnaces or Frankie Cosmos (and an equally beautiful voice to boot), Le Bon has sculpted a work that scampers in the fringes of all genre affiliations. It’s got the salivating whimsy of pop, the twangy straightforwardness of folk, even the discordant energy of punk. But Le Bon’s songwriting as well has never felt more personal, more expository of her strange, complex core. And for that it’s all the more enticing. Check out the accompanying short film above, including many cuts from the album itself.