| December 6, 2011
Chairlift – Met Before

On Chairlift‘s debut Does You Inspire You, the results were rather scattered and often veiled: sometimes cute and catchy (think the Apple-commercial-music-for-hire-hit “Bruises”), other times mysterious and atmospheric, and on a few songs soaked strangely in country twang. It had bright spots, but was mostly out of sorts.

Thankfully Chairlift’s latest release “Met Before”–off their forthcoming album Something due out in early 2012–is much more, how-do-you-say, balls to the wall.

It’s bigger and bolder. Much bolder. Reminiscent of this year’s superb M83 release, or of the Horrors’ Skyling, “Met Before” sports roaring synths, thunderous marching drum rolls, and no-holds-barred lightning-bolt vocals. If Chairlift was delicately dipping their toes in the water onĀ Does You Inspire You, then they’re jumping in headfirst with “Met Before.” The results are excellent.

STREAM: Chairlift – “Met Before”