New | October 7, 2014
Childish Gambino – Secret Track


The digital revolution has changed a lot for audiophiles. We’ve been at a bar or party drunkenly musing about how “the album as an art form is dead,” or “nobody owns music anymore, man. Just, like, holding a physical record in your hands, you know?”

Well there’s another outdated convention of the recording industry that’s been taken away from us by the mp3 — the hidden track. Back in the day, artists would just put the secret song after a long pause at the end of the last track on the album, hoping someone might unintentionally stumble upon it after flipping on the turntable and going about their day.

Nowadays, a 15 minute track in your iTunes library is staring you in the face. Or maybe the last song on the album is your favorite and you want to throw it on a playlist, but when it rolls around on shuffle there’s a long, awkward pause when the track’s finished.

But now, it looks like rapper Childish Gambino may have found a way to revive the secret track. Last week, the comedian-turned-musician released his Gangsta Grillz mixtape STN MTN and its companion Kauai EP. But just a few days ago, he hinted at something on Twitter:

Of course the internet detectives over at Reddit got to work and uncovered something interesting – “3005 (Beach Picnic Version)” synced up perfectly with some a capella vocals that appeared on Glover’s web screenplay at

The ambitious redditor who cracked the case posted the results in /r/DonaldGlover (yup, he’s got his own subreddit). Glover linked to the content via Twitter later, making it a sort of, kind of new song from Childish Gambino. No official title yet, but the “Because The Internet” screenplay does make reference to a “Secret Track” on the album, so I guess that’s what we’re calling it. Check it out below.