| October 22, 2013
Chromeo – Sexy Socialite


There’s something incredibly bold about Chromeo‘s approach to music. The electro-funk duo have never been shy about their influences, gleefully imitating ’70s and ’80s disco and pop to continued great effect. Dave1 and P-Thugg know their formula and they know their strengths. Sometimes that’s all that’s required. New single “Sexy Socialite” is just another day at the office for the pair: six minutes of joyous, tongue-in-cheek party music that should get even the biggest grump out on the dance floor.

Chromeo are intent on reminding us to step back once in a while and remember that music is supposed to be fun. Take a refresher and stream “Sexy Socialite” below.

STREAM: Chromeo – “Sexy Socialite”

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