| October 4, 2012
CHVRCHES – I Would Die 4 V (Prince Cover)

If Glasgow-based CHVRCHES were buzzing any harder, beekeepers could use their music to cure colony collapse disorder. The band first pollinated our ears in September with the sinfully catchy “The Mother We Share.” Since then we’ve spent all our free time praying to the gods of antiquity for more. So when we found out they treated BBC Radio with a performance of the Prince anthem, “I Would Die 4 U,” we knew all our sacrifices to Zeus had finally paid off.

Their buoyant version stays pretty true to the original, aside from the brilliant retro-branding of the title into “I Would Die 4 V.” And of course, switching out Prince with the Queen Bee that is vocalist Lauren Mayberry. I didn’t think anything could fill the Purple Rain-shaped hole in my heart, but CHVRCHES patched it up like Eugène Viollet-le-Duc leading the restoration of Notre Dame.

So is CHVRCHES our new one and only? ABSOLVTELY.