| January 23, 2012
Class Actress – Bienvenue

If I had to choose my favorite part of Class Actress’s new video for “Bienvenue,” it’d be between 1:20 and 1:40, where the trio’s vocalist Elizabeth Harper soaks in the tub and dries out by the fire while meditating on the stud she locked eyes with during a rooftop photo shoot earlier that day. She lies on the floor, basking in the thrill of possibility that comes with meeting a sexy new stranger, before heading out into the snowy night and the chance encounter it brings. Or is the chance encounter just a continuation of the fantasy? Does Harper even leave the house, or just drift of to sleep, perchance to dream? No, no, I think I just have a case of the mondays. And what better remedy than watching beautiful people gallivant around a beautiful city? Thanks to Class Actress, I’m feeling better already.

STREAM: Class Actress – “Bienvenue”

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