| April 21, 2013
Coachella: Sunday Tough Decisions


As is the case with any festival, the time will inevitably come when you have to pick between two bands you want to see that are playing at the same time. Generally, I’d say splitting your time between both is the way to go, but in the end that’s easier said than done. This past weekend I had to make some tough decisions and pick one artist over another (and in some cases, over yet another). Since everyone’s musical taste is differs, some of you will disagree; leave your gripes in the comments and be done with it. Here are the shows that presented me with musical dilemmas and logistical nightmares.

Alex Clare (4:50-5:35) vs. The Lumineers (4:45-5:35)
Unfortunately I didn’t make it to either of these shows on account of being on the brink of death, so if someone could let me know how they did that’d be great…

Pretty Lights (7:45-8:40) vs. Vampire Weekend (7:20-8:10)
Our group managed to show up in full force at Vampire Weekend. You may have seen us – a group of about 15 crazy looking people dancing around in a huge circle holding hands. VW was pretty great, but I was determined to see Pretty Lights in all his glory, so half of us booked it over early. He was playing on the stage right next to the main stage so we were able to maximize our time at both. I whole-heartedly suggest this move.

Red Hot Chili Peppers (10:15-close) vs. Disclosure (11:10-close)
This wasn’t even a decision for me. RHCP is one of my favorite bands of all time, and this was my first time seeing them live. ‘Nough said. I’m guessing Disclosure was pretty great though…