| October 7, 2013
COIN – Time Machine


COIN isn’t the first band to declare the world too serious and opt for a carefree, fun-loving sonic aesthetic. But where other bands, having cast of the shackles of Emotionally Serious Art, pile instrument on top of instrument, sound on top of sound, COIN has with their new single “Time Machine” opted for a more restrained approach to danceable indie pop. The Nashville four-piece rely on simple but delightfully shimmering guitar strums as the backbone of their song, providing a nice contrast to the sunny blast of synth during each chorus of “I knew you then.” The result is a prime example of what they call “swirly indie party pop.” Enjoy COIN’s happy-go-lucky song and catch them at ATG’s Hit Parade CMJ showcase on Wednesday. Tickets available at the link below.

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STREAM: COIN – “Time Machine”

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