New | February 20, 2015
Coldplay – Fix You (Four Tet Remix)

Somewhere beyond the boundaries that contain mere mortals is Four Tet, of prodigious crate-digging capabilities and with copious jaw-dropping productions to his name, or one of them, at least. Somewhere firmly on the other side of those boundaries is Coldplay. Where, then, to place the former’s remix of the latter’s “Fix You,” that garish, arid, motionless emblem of swarm sentimentality, placid Love Actually feels, Apple crossbranding? What to make of its place in a discography so wide-ranging as to defy description? That’s Four Tet’s we’re talking about — how do we reconcile his most recent release, a sterling collection of his dancefloor-levitating work as Percussions, with this experiment in taste?

Well, for starters, it’s not without precedent — the glimmering, beatless bellscape harkens back to the moments on high-water mark There Is Love In You when the pulse slowed and the drums gave way to space-exploration. But then — stuck in reveeeeeeeeeeeeerse. It’s tough going, these craggy hinterlands where no rules apply, where nothing is sacred. But Four Tet’s always been an explorer, and the rough edges of taste are fertile ground. Let him show you around above, sourced from his guest spot on Jon Hopkins’s BBCR1 residency.