| September 27, 2012
Crystal Castles – Wrath of God

Crystal Castles frontgal Alice Glass recently told NME she’s “one step away from being a vigilante,” leading me to believe it’s no coincidence that the duo is releasing their new album III on Guy Fawkes Day. Anyone who’s seen Alice perform knows her flailing and writhing body could easily be confused for a burning effigy, and the latest single off the record, “Wrath of God,” could very well soundtrack the fateful moments before a secret conspiratorial plot explodes. I’m not saying we’re going to descend into anarchy on election day, but consider wearing flame-retardant pajamas when you tuck yourself in November 5th.

And even if we do wake up to the sound of bricks smashing through storefront windows, at least we’ll have some beautifully complex music to drown out the noise. “Wrath of God” is as haunting as Crystal Castles’ best, like drinking a bottle of cough syrup and wandering though¬†a dark forest where shadows morph back and forth between sinister monsters and innocuous branches. Some people may just want to watch the world burn, but Crystal Castles wants to put it to music.

MP3: Crystal Castles – “Wrath of God”