| April 20, 2011
Cults – Abducted

I first saw Cults open for Best Coast at the Rock and Roll Hotel last October. We were all hot off the summer of Bethany Cosentino — complete with multiple retro-lite Best Coast summer jams, the best of which was definitely her collaboration with Rostam Batmanglij and Kid Cudi for Converse titled All Summer (Let’s start getting that on rotation again while we’re here).

By the time I saw Best Coast at a beyond sold out Rock and Roll Hotel I was pretty much over Bethany Cosentino. Her obsessions with her cat and Wavves frontman boyfriend had gotten stale, and her too-cool-for-school opinions were starting to spam my twitter feed.

The best part of the evening was definitely Cults. Their live show was fresh and understated. They brought that opening act energy I rave so much about, and their single Go Outside got the crowd pretty worked up. The band has come a long way since then — they will be releasing their first full length album in May, the single for which is below.

Abducted has everything I initially loved about Best Coast without all the stuff that got annoying (ie. cat obsessions and pot references). It brings the retro chick glam, but backs it up with some serious rock and roll balls when the bass kicks in at 00:39. I’m also a sucker for male/female call and response lyrics.

Take that, Snacks the cat.

MP3: Cults – “Abducted”

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