| July 19, 2011
Cults – Go Outside

From the desk of Emma Forster:

Although they just released their full-length self-titled debut album on June 7th, Cults is hardly a new name in the indie blogosphere. Since their rise last March from hard-to-Google three hit wonders to full on hipster music icons, Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin have made the most of their 7” LP’s initial success. First, of course, there was the whimsical and insanely catchy “Go Outside” itself which launched the duo into the limelight – where they remained until a year later when they collaborated with MTV to produce a “Supervideo” (starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco) to supplement the song. Cults did warn fans via Twitter that an “official video” was on the way, and five months later the wait is over. Including some cleverly edited news footage from the Jonestown Cult Massacre (Get it? Cults?), the “Go Outside” video does more to convey the song’s haunting, troubling undertones than the sweet popishness of the previous effort. Capitalizing on the ‘60s haze and lo-fi charm that made the song a hit in the first place is appropriate if not genius, and if even if it’s just a ploy to stretch the song’s spin time out for another few weeks, who am I to complain?

MP3: Cults – “Go Outside”

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