| May 3, 2012
Cut Copy – Take Me Over

Oh, girl. I know what it’s like–lost in a digital world with only your moleskine, bullied by older, cooler girls with sloppy eyeliner–sometimes the only thing to do is retreat into a garage, construct a cardboard robot complete with a headdress that would make Chief Powhatan himself “how” with delight, and take control of the streets. Such is the premise of Cut Copy’s new video for “Take Me Over,” directed by Ryan Patrick. The video stands in stark contrast to that of Fleetwood Mac’s impeccable “Everywhere,” from which “Take Me Over’s” hook is borrowed. Or perhaps this is an update from 1987; rather than fantasizing about riding ponies and living as a countryside princess, perchance girls today just want to kick some ass. Or maybe we’re finally getting a glimpse into the world beyond that weird door.

STREAM: Cut Copy – “Take Me Over”

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