| July 12, 2013
Dan Croll – In/Out


Part of me feels like I shouldn’t like Dan Croll because he’s just so perfect. Not in an annoying way — he’s got charm for days — but every time I listen to him, all I can think is that nothing can stop him from completely taking over the singer-songwriter game. It’s just a matter of time before teenage girls, showing an unprecedented level of good taste and judgment, fall head over heels for the crooning Brit. “In/Out”, like the songs that came before it, is flawless and accessible and full of smiles and hugs. It won’t be long before Dan Croll is snatched up by the radio hobgoblins and out of our selfish bloggy hands. But until then — EVERYBODY GET YR CROLL ON.

STREAM: Dan Croll – “In/Out”

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