| August 27, 2013
Daughter – Youth (Lane 8 Remix)


It’s difficult to stand out with a track that’s been remixed to death. After a certain point, enough is enough. Daughter’s indie-folk hit “Youth” has been chopped and screwed more times than one can count — seriously, go check out Soundcloud — but Lane 8 (né Daniel Goldstein) went for it regardless.

Thank goodness he did because it’s arguably the best remix the track has seen to date. Despite my bias for Lane 8’s particularly groovy house beats, his take provides the best of both worlds. Keeping with his signature deep hitting, slow-burn style found on recent release “Be Mine,” the remix takes Daughter vocalist Elena Tonra’s haunting, melancholy vocals and lays them over deep, pulsating bass. The end result is less broken-hearted teenage girl, and more funky late-night groove master.

As summer nights begin to cool down — sorry, but it’s true people — this song will be in heavy rotation. I think I listened to it at least five times in the last hour. Spin it yourself below.

STREAM: “Daughter – Youth (Lane 8 Remix)”

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