New | May 14, 2014
Dawn Golden – Still Life

Though many have come to know Derek Tortoriello through his former internet-loved project Houses, but he has been making more waves recently through his new project Dawn Golden. Not long ago we featured “All I Want,” the lead single off his now-available album Still Life.

I got the chance to catch Tortoriello live a couple of years ago at the Mad Decent Block Party (the live arm of his label) in LA. The masses of young neon bikini toting, squirt-gun waving attendees stood in silence, crooked their necks like confused puppies while anxiously awaiting Dillon Francis’ set, but this didn’t prevent Dawn Golden from delivering the most passionate performance of the day. With just a pad and a mic, he left me believing that electronic music could invoke something real.

Tortoriello maintains this sound on Still Life. The album’s title track embodies everything Derek created on earlier releases: warped vocals, emotional lyrics, slow pacing and heavy synths that invoke a deep sadness rarely heard among electronic artists. Turn your headphones loud and enjoy the feels by streaming “Still Life” above.