| September 4, 2012
Desert Noises – Hey Ah

Desert Noises, an industrious group from Provo, UT, came through Toledo, Ohio a few weeks back and made my slow night into something quite different. The Utah desert’s influence has seeped into their music, creating a sound that can be haunting, moving, warm, cold, loud, and quiet, all at once. Using harmonies, drastic tempo changes, and varied song structuring, they take a little bit from a wide variety of influences and throw it together to make something that I can only describe as starkly beautiful.

While their 2011 album, Mountain Sea, is good the entire way through, I think the song that embodies their sound is “Hey Ah” (not to be confused with Andre 3000’s iconic mega-hit). It starts with a tribalistic chant and immeadiately leads into a heavy bass, mimicking Kyle Henderson’s reserved, but powerful voice. It’s great, and if it were longer, would definitely be my favorite. Instead, that honor goes to “Oak Tree”. The song also uses interesting harmonies that are amplified by the quick plucking of the guitar and pulsating bass. Enjoy both below.

MP3: Desert Noises – “Hey Ah”
MP3: Desert Noises – “Oak Tree”