New | July 25, 2016
Desiigner – Timmy Turner

Usually, we know what to expect from Desiigner: aggressive trap beats accompanying classic Southern triplet flows, saturated in autotune with sporadic vocal machine gun sounds. Like Future but with better execution and more genuine conviction. On his newest single, “Timmy Turner,” the nineteen year-old Brooklyn based rapper (with the help of producer Mike Dean) manages to keep all of those elements while completely scrapping the typical formula for a hit. The result is neoclassical trap. Kicking off with Gregorian chant harmonies and ethereal choir vocals, Desiigner sings the hook melody, wishing – à la the eponymous Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents – for the means to gun down his opponents ruthlessly. Synths and raps and rapid fire hi-hats soon follow, only then to be set aside for the track’s biggest surprise, a major key change with the hook sung over epically melancholic piano chords. Although it might be a divisive single for fans, we can only be excited for Desiigner to continue to reinvent trap and keep it from stagnating.

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