| October 9, 2012
DethKlok – The Galaxy

Dethklok, the most wicked and twisted band in the world, has released its newest music video for the song, “Galaxy.” Set in the darkest depths of space, the video opens with lead singer Nathan Explosion in the clutches of frighteningly advanced space robots. A distress signal goes out and the rest of the band streaks to the rescue, but once they arrive the robot mothership launches scores upon scores of drone fighters, peppering the Dethklok spaceship with deadly blue laserfire. Little do the artificial warriors know that the group has its own arsenal. An arsenal powered by metal. The four leap to their instruments, and the blistering, overpowering speed of their playing ignites their blood-red defense network, meting out punishment to the offending craft which are swarming now like gnats at dusk. The withering fire emanating from Skwisgaar and Toki’s guitars, Murderface’s bass, and Pickles’ drums is prolific, but in the end not enough as the foes are legion. Nathan Explosion, however, breaks free of his bonds and destroys the robot commander, and once he returns to his bandmates he leads them in summoning a five-pointed web of destruction, unleashing it on their enemies and leaving nothing behind.


“The Galaxy” will appear on the band’s new record, Dethalbum III dropping October 16th on Williams Street Records.