| June 27, 2012
Diamond Rings – I’m Just Me

Back in 2009, a teal eyeshadow, denim shirt-wearing John O’Regan put out his first single under the name Diamond Rings. “All Yr Songs,” one of the most endearing declarations of affection ever put to music, ended with the yearbook-appropriate love note, “No matter what the weather / I’ll do anything, whatever / If I could be so very bold / I never want us to grow old.”

Alas, grow old he did. Or rather, grow up a bit, as these things tend to go. He wastes no time letting us know things have changed. His latest single, “I’m Just Me,” opens with an eerily sinister synth line, worlds away from the confident exuberance of “All Yr Songs.” That’s because growing up is dark and complicated. Oh, but it’s also fun! The smoke in the accompanying video never completely clears up, but it looks a lot less scary once the flashing lasers start cutting through and lighting up a room of fervent dancers. O’Regan may have traded in his denim shirt and dreamweaver necklace for a silver pleather futurebot jacket and disco ball sunglasses, but he’s still as glam as they come. If this is growing up, I’ll take it.

STREAM: Diamond Rings – “I’m Just Me”