| February 23, 2011
Digging Through The Archive: Memoryhouse

For the month of February we’ve been “Digging Through The Archive” in conjunction with the Free Music Archive (FMA) every Wednesday. The FMA is directed by WFMU, one of the most eclectic radio stations out there. Inspired by Creative Commons, the site features an interactive library of high-quality and legal audio downloads. The site boasts different curators including All Tomorrow’s Parties, KEXP, Primavera Sound, CBC 3 and a slew of others. This week’s pick from the archive is Memoryhouse.

Only days after Pitchfork has all but declared chillwave a dead genre, I’ve stumbled upon this (considerably older) Memoryhouse gem “To The Lighthouse”. Memoryhouse is a two-piece from Ontario, Canada consisting of producer Evan Abeele and singer Denise Nouvion. While the original version of the song is closer to bedroom pop, MillionYoung took it under his wing and provided one of the better glo-fi remixes of 2010. On both the original and remix, Nouvion’s vocals lushly weave through an electronic dreamland initially laid out by Abeele and taken to the next level by MillionYoung.

You can grab another free jam by Memoryhouse over at their Free Music Archive page.

MP3: Memoryhouse – “To The Lighthouse”
MP3: Memoryhouse – “To The Lighthouse (MillionYoung Remix)”