Music Video | October 30, 2013
The Dirty Nil – Nicotine

The Dirty Nil‘s music is, at its core, messy, noisy, irreverent and out of control. It’s nice for the Canadian three-piece that they managed to make a video for their track, “Nicotine” that so closely matches their sound.

This story-old-as-time is set on a Jerry Springer-esque day-time talk show, as two scorned lovers confront each others’ cheating behavior. And one of them is an alien. A space alien. Jealousy and anger escalate to shouting and swinging fists (and alien extradimensional superpowers) all to the tune of the Nils’ dirty guitars, aggressive beats and Luke Bentham’s nasty wail. The video is fast, intense, and completely off the wall, much like the song. Watch it above.