| January 25, 2013
Dirty Projectors – Climax (Usher Cover)

According to my iTunes play count, I have listened to Usher’s “Climax” 69 times since it dropped last February (Usher! Ushuh! Ushah! Yeah!). While the apparent coincidence seems too good to be true, I do not for one second doubt the cosmic powers of the sexiest track of all time to telekinetically calibrate every iTunes in the world to that exact statistic.

This technological quirk could quite possibly have inspired experimental indie giants The Dirty Projectors to team up with Australian radio station Triple J and perform a cover of “Climax,” a rendition that is less between-the-sheets than it is multiple eargasm-inducing. While I admit the indie interpretation does not do true justice to its exemplar, I’d say it’s worth at least 34 and a half listens. Watch above.