Video | February 8, 2017
Dirty Projectors display loneliness in Cool Your Heart video

dirty projectors

If last month’s “Little Bubble” suggested that Dirty Projectors’ upcoming album was going to be a post-breakup elegy (albeit with all the hipsterish sorrow of Dave Longstreth staring mournfully into an iPad), their latest track indicates otherwise. Featuring a fantastic, if somewhat unexpected, vocal performance from D∆WN, “Cool Your Heart” offers not just the sadness of solitude but the dizzying, circular introspection of the newly alone. With a glitchy and destabilizing beat, it’s a not-quite-triumphant acknowledgment that some questions – “How do you feel? Is it loneliness?” – don’t have immediate answers.  Dirty Projectors is out Feb. 24 on Domino Records. Watch below.