| January 30, 2012
Disco of Doom – The 808 (Willy Joy Remix)

Disco of Doom makes exactly the kind of music you think it would from just the name alone: bangers that leave a path of destruction across dance halls across the world (much like General Sherman’s March to the Sea, but I digress). Disco of Doom, the production duo of Tom Real and The Rogue Element, have been growing steadily releasing EP1 in 2008 and, followed by a second EP in 2010 featuring ‘Sex Face,’ a monster track that got support from heavy hitters like Brodinski, MIXHELL, Boys Noize and Drop the Lime.

The guys from Londontown are at it again and have just dropped a three track dance floor killer, Shake and Bake, on Discobelle. The EP features some pretty ace remixes from Astronomar, Mike Mago, and now DC-based (but formerly of the Chi-town hood) Willy Joy.

As DoD’s Twitter bio says, “TechnoTechnoTechnoTechnoLondon.”

Disco of Doom – “The 808 (Willy Joy Remix)”

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