| July 14, 2009
Don’t Mind Me I Wrote this Rhyme Lightly- New MF Doom Four Tet Remix


I don’t pretend to consider myself a member of the legion of fiercely loyal MF Doom/Madlib/Madvillain fans, but I do appreciate hip-hop more than it may seem here on this blog. Call me a sucker for a catchy hook, but sometimes my enjoyment of a song hinges more on the intricacy or simplicity of a perfect beat and less on stunning lyricism. With the Four Tet remix of MF Doom’s “Money Folder”, I just so happen to get the best of both worlds. Expert cutting lyricism mixed with one of the most fascinating and enthralling beats ever put together by the genius that is Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden). What makes the song so entertaining is a combination of Doom’s vintage and trademark flow and Hebden’s synthy, fast-paced rhythms. The sound-effect-littered breakdown after the first verse would seem to kill the mood of the song, when in actuality it places even more emphasis on the chills-down-the-spine-inducing return of the crashing snare drum and bass hits. In short, the “Money Folder” remix is truly unique.

MP3: MF Doom – “Money Folder (Four Tet Remix)”

Thanks to Moving in Stereo for the tip.


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