| August 27, 2013
Dustin Kensrue – It’s Not Enough

Dustin Kensrue’s voice is a beautiful thing. For those of you who were never into the rock and post-hardcore stylings of Thrice, it’s easy to have overlooked his versatile baritone, which could switch from a smooth croon to a gravely rasp to a mountain-moving bellow at the snap of a finger. Since Thrice called it quits last year, Kensrue has been focusing on his personal life as well as his solo career, which will bear a third LP, The Water And The Blood, on October 1st through BEC Recordings. The album’s debut single, “It’s Not Enough,” is hardly a single in the traditional sense. The track starts low, with Kensrue showing off his softer side over barebones piano and a pulsating bass drum. It only goes up from there as everything swirls into a neverending crescendo, by the end of which Kensrue’s voice has exploded into an outpour of unbridled emotion. Powerful stuff, especially when you watch it via the mesmerizing video above.