New | January 11, 2017
Ed Sheeran – Castle on the Hill

Ed Sheeran 1

Ed Sheeran’s previous hit “Thinking Out Loud” nicely fits into the genre of love songs. “Castle On The Hill” also falls into that category. It’s just not about a girl; the pop star’s latest is instead an homage to his upbringing in the English countryside town of Framlingham, Suffolk, England.

“Castle on the Hill” finds Sheeran reflecting on his friendships, his hometown, and on coming back home after a long absence. In the song’s first verse,  Sheeran sings, “Found my heart and broke it here/ Made friends and lost them through the years / And I’ve not seen the roaring fields in so long, I know I’ve grown / But I can’t wait to go home.”

Though the strongest lyrics come through in the song’s final build up: “One had two kids but lives alone/ One’s brother overdosed / One’s already on his second wife / One’s just barely getting by / But these people raised me / And I can’t wait to go home”

In his final chorus, Sheeran reflects on memories of his home town, the country roads and the people he’s left behind. For anyone missing their family and friends, this song cuts deep. This single was released in tandem with “Shape of You,” the second single from Sheeran. Both songs are the releases from his upcoming third album. Listen below.