| August 28, 2012
Elite Gymnastics – Andreja 4-Ever

“Andreja 4-ever” is the latest work to surface from Minneapolis-based production outfit Elite Gymnastics. Released as the 11th installment in Adult Swim’s Singles Program, the track is the first we’ve heard from the project since Josh Clancy’s departure left James Brooks at its creative helm. It seems this line-up change has been for the better. “Andreja 4-ever” marks a departure from Elite Gymnastics’ collaborative work, leaving the usual over-saturated reverb for more nostalgic, 90s-influenced pastures. Brooks’ lyrics are also decipherable for once, revealing a heartfelt ode to radical feminist Andrea Dworkin. Like any good piece of songwriting, however, there’s something in his words for everyone.

James Brooks is currently at work on Elite Gymnastics next album. Until then, you can download “Andreja 4-ever” below. And while you’re at it, head on over to Adult Swim to check out the ten other songs released under their Singles Program.

MP3: Elite Gymnastics – “Andreja 4-ever”