| May 9, 2012
Emil & Friends – Polish Girl (Neon Indian Cover)

Although Emil & Friends‘ “Crystal Ball” was the only song of theirs to make it onto our Top Tracks of 2011 list, there were a number of others off the band’s last full-length, Lo & Behold, that were strong contenders. The album’s lasting impression comes thanks to Emil Hewitt’s — the creative force behind the project — off-kilter, technical approach to writing true pop music. Hewitt’s style shines in his cover of Neon Indian’s “Polish Girl.” Borrowing a little bit from Kavinsky, the Emil & Friends rework of the Era Extraña cut brings down the tempo, scatters quirky synths throughout, and drops a much-welcome 80s guitar riff in the bridge. Download the track below.

MP3: Emil & Friends – “Polish Girl (Neon Indian Cover)”