Feature | April 1, 2016
10 Best Songs in the World This Week

1. DJDS – You Don’t Have to Be Alone (Charlie Wilson Version)

What’s better than the original “You Don’t Have to Be Alone”? This new Charlie Wilson version.

charlie wilson


2. Hockey Dad. – So Tired

Australian indie rock reserved exclusively for a sunny day.

hockey dad music


3. Gold Panda – In My Car

The London beat-wizard teases us with yet another track from his highly-anticipated Good Luck And Do Your Best LP.

gold panda


4. LIDO – The Life of Peder

The young producer LIDO takes all of The Life of Pablo, crunches it down to 8 minutes and flips it on it’s head. [Original Post]


5. PUP – If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You I Will

A pop-punk ode to having to see the same damn people every day when you’re on tour.


6. The Rapture – Every Little Thing (Prod. by Danger Mouse)

If Danger Mouse produced Radiohead, but the lead singer of Radiohead was Luke Jenner. Don’t get your hopes up though– this is an unreleased track from 2006. The Rapture is still as broken up as ever.

the rapture band


7. Bloodboy – Human Female

This anthemic tale of survival and womanhood made this list for Bloodboy’s catchy, dark vocals. [Original Post]

bloodboy music


8. Aminé – Caroline

Outkast meets Rae Sremmurd with references to Tarantino and somehow it works.

amine music


9. Peter Bjorn and John – Breakin’ Point

Peter Bjorn and John haven’t released a song since 2011, but this track makes it feel like they never left. Familiar whistling included. [Original Post]


10. Sturgill Simpson – In Bloom

Simpson bridges the gap between country and rock in this take on a Nirvana classic. [Original Post]