Premiere | October 13, 2016
ExSage Premiere Creepy Grindhouse Video For “Tripwire”, New EP Today

ExSage (fka Cobalt Cranes) have just debuted a music video for their song “Tripwire” that’s right up there with anything Blumhouse produces; a terrifying body-horror gorefest. Kate Clover and Tim Foley play ever-present wardens of the victim of some pretty gruesome stuff. It’s also stunningly beautiful and tonally on point with their hard-driving dark rock. “Tripwire” is off of their five-track Out of the Blue EP, which we’re streaming below.

Here’s what ExSage had to say about the new video:

We wanted to do something darker for this video, something that takes us into a new environment. It’s an homage to noir and grind house films, but set in our world. We wrote this EP in the desert, and this video takes us back into the seedy world of LA. Our videos for this release are all intertwined, and intended to be played linearly to tell a story about the desert, LA, and the world of our music. 


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