Premiere | December 5, 2017
Fascinations Grand Chorus share “Anglesea”

Fascinations Grand Chorus
Photo credit: Kelli McGuire

Sometimes the best teams come from aggressive rivalry. New¬†Jersey power duo Fascinations Grand Chorus have been going at it for years, butting heads over whose chops reign supreme but finding common ground in classic punk and old games. Their latest release, “Anglesea”, is a testament to this unification and the nostalgia it invokes, with swooning strings and Blondie-esque vocals that call back to retro sunset visions. It’s the pleasant result of a band shadowboxing in the corner until the lights go out. Listen below.

Their forthcoming EP of the same name is out this Friday and is available for pre-order here.


On the new single, the band write, Anglesea is a meditative chant about inhabiting a dark island with no illumination, when the lighthouse and towns goes dark.”