Video | March 7, 2017
Father John Misty goes through the motions in “Total Entertainment Forever”

father john misty new

Everyone by now has heard the opening lines of “Total Entertainment Forever”. Yes, that one about Taylor Swift. Similar to his “Hollywood Forever Cemetery”, Father John Misty‘s song is about the state of things that move, taking bold sways back and forth. The latest track of his forthcoming third FJM album has a big band aspect with bongos syncopating, guitars swelling, horn section tooting away, and rejoicing the feeling of the end-times at hand. There are no gods, no drugs, no love, nothing to alleviate the doomed states of our being – our psyche – thus we might as well say what we’re thinking and dance in a blaze of crumbling glory. This is the entertainment, the freedom offered by Father John Misty this time around. Pure Comedy is out April 7th on Sub Pop. Watch below.