| January 31, 2012
Feist – The Bad In Each Other

Feist went to Mexico. No, really, she did and we have video proof. The Canadian songstress is out with a new video for her song “The Bad in Each Other” from her latest album Metals. The song itself is one of my favorites, despite the melancholy subject matter (breakups, etc.). She pours her formidable vocal talents into it, and it’s simply gripping.

The video itself is an exploration of multiple relationships and how they end. Shot by Martin De Thurah, the lighting has a dusty quality which adds to the sense that one is viewing memories. As she wrote on her website, “You could think about the video like a song or a poem, and different people will connect to different things- and those connections might be different from time to time when they watch it.”

It’s a great follow up to “How Come You Never Go There” and I look forward to the next one.

STREAM: Feist – “The Bad In Each Other”