Music Video | July 19, 2013
FIDLAR – Cocaine

What would you do if you got canned from your shitty job via text message? Crush 40s and piss on everything in your path? Yup, sounds about right. In FIDLAR’s latest music video for “Cocaine,” directed by their buddy Ryan Baxley, Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson aka the Perfect Human Being) does just that.

Promptly after getting fired, Nick smashes his phone and buys an armful of Mickey’s—FUCK IT, DOG. As we follow him around Los Angeles, Nick shamelessly pisses on everything, and I mean everything—even the great Nicolas Cage’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star is not safe from his warm wrath. The Dillinger inspired “Cocaine” backs up his Zero Fucks Given attitude, but in the end, Nick finds that if you just do what you love, you will eventually find success. Like most of FIDLAR’s catalog, the tune is loud, raucous and unrelenting, but above of all, it’s honest.

FIDLAR’s music has been called many things—skate, surf, slacker, stoner, punk—but, once you get to the heart of it, these four friends from LA are just a Rock-n-Roll band, in the rawest, truest sense of the word, and definitely one that Ron Swanson himself would surely approve of. Watch the video for “Cocaine” above.