| August 29, 2013
FIDLAR – Red Right Hand (Nick Cave Cover)


FIDLAR is very good at being FIDLAR. The L.A. punk band is known for their high energy odes to slackerdom like “Cheap Beer” and “Wake Bake Skate,” so it’s no surprise that frontman Zac Carper is the son of a famous surfboard designer. It’s also no shock that Taco Bell sponsored the band recently, or that their name stands for Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk.

It’s because of this party punk image that FIDLAR’s cover of Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” is so notable. It’s probably the slowest song they’ve ever recorded, and definitely the most murderous. FIDLAR has been performing “Red Right Hand” at shows on their most recent tour, along with covers of blink-182’s “Dammit” and The Descendents’ “Suburban Home.” Yesterday they released a recorded version on their Tumblr, with credit given to “Nick Cage.” There’s that skate punk irreverence. Follow the link below to listen.

STREAM: FIDLAR – “Red Right Hand (Nick Cave Cover)”