Feature | February 20, 2015
Fives: Mixes of the Week, February 20th

hudson mohawke

Everybody huddle up. Everybody in. Come on. It’s been tough going these last few days, with the weather keeping everybody indoors, the Oscars coming up, this Tyga business. It’s hard to keep it together. Fortunately “keeping it together” is something DJs do well–and these past few days were no exception. We had some strong showings from previous Fivers — FlyLo brought Lapalux and Gaslamp Killer onto Radio 1, and Danny Daze’s Sunday Morning series got a second set from Rivet. Below are some other highlights from the week behind the decks. Be at peace–you’re in good hands.


5. Local Artist :: Mood Hut Mix #10


The Vancouver label/collective/party/architecturally primitive dwelling puts forth a strong showing in the ungoogleable Local Artist’s mix of unreleased tracks. He’s not the only one who might as well be a Princely glyph. From the unknowns (Slow Riffs) to the slightly-less-unknowns (Jack J, Hashman Deejay), the label’s not known for its titular pyrotechnics; the slurry of signifiers is part of its charm, let’s say 10%. The other 90% is the tunes–dubbed-out house jams that “deep” doesn’t even begin to describe. Get moving with the sound of the Pacific, unless you’d prefer staring at the wall, contemplating the contours of the bass. It does the job either way.


4. Palms Trax :: Dekmantel Podcast 005


British producer with Berlin address takes Dutch label to a sublimely freaky midwestern underworld and onto places unknown–how’s that for gobetrotting? The classic techno cuts come fast and furious, with some choice vocal work (like 06 Style‘s rhymeslaying “Steppin’ Into the House,” bridging the gap between not-quite-golden-era lyrical stylings and four-on-the-floor house) sharing the cut with grooves that zig Latin and zag loopy (the big finale, courtesy of 1080p fave Lnrdcroy, will have you waking up from a dream you didn’t know you were having). Palms Trax is staring down a crowded calendar (his In Gold EP drops soon on Dekmantel–synergy sensors, they’re tingling), and this energetic, wide-ranging set shows his moniker to be a seal of real quality grooves.


3. Sarah Miles :: Tissue Magazine Mixtape 26


The Berlin Community Radio boss spins jacking house for an art magazine (not a facial-tissue-industry publication) that turns corners from angular, don’t-touch-that-dial minimalism to blissful, funky warmth. Big moments like the deeply low-riding “Strung Out” from Delroy Edwards and Benedek (courtesy of the District’s own reliably out-there PPU) that kicks things off and the blippy, coy throwback “Do It Again” from Soichi Terada make this an incredibly broad yet consistently fun and funky hour.


2. Kaytranada :: BBC Radio 1 Residency


Showing up the Brainfeeder boss’s wild and wonderful 2-hour monthly was this spoiler for the throne, Trinidad-by-way-of-Montreal, Busta-by-way-of-Tom-Tom-Club, way-out-by-way-of-deep-in. The gems come fast and furious, with a mere 60 minutes mixed with a savant’s touch to fold in disco, boom-bap, exotica, jazz (a loungey cover of “Eleanor Rigby,” courtesy of Ingmar Johanssen, who is not a boxer, carries the day)–the whole sunlit spectrum in a nutshell. Kaytranada’s appetite is vast, and the menu is tantalizing, so don’t hesitate to dig in.


1. Hudson Mohawke :: Valentines Slowjams Chapter VIII


If you know HudMo, you know he loves big moments, whether they’re gigantic drops or huge, emotive melodies. The lineage of this all-systems-go penchant for unsubtlety can be traced through his Valentine’s Day mixes, of which the latest might be the best. Tearing the roof off from the beginning with D’Angelo’s cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Can’t Hide Love,” the ensuing tour of soul and funk beamed straight from this big old heart of mine is enough to make you wonder why it took this long to link up with Miguel. It’s a soaring blend of the cheesy and the stone-cold classic–the mix, that is, though it sums up the producer too.