Feature | February 27, 2015
Fives: Mixes of the Week, February 27th


We’re saying goodbye to February, goodbye to cold (please), goodbye to staying in more — but never good riddance. It’s given us so much to love, even if most of it’s been inside, away from all that nonsense like “wind” and “snow” and “air” and “sunlight.” Among the things it’s given us are these five mixes. The homestretch is here–celebrate and look forward with some new, some old, some bangers, some laid-back chill-out no-pulse groovers. Here’s to springing forward.


5. Mr. Ho :: Public Possession Instore Session #46


This low-key funkathon is a blast in the headphones–imagine hearing it live, at the Munich label’s store/headquarters. Actually, you don’t have to imagine: The needle cracks and warped phasing put you right in the mix. So do the tracks, with Nas’ “Memory Lane” slotting in early to give an indication of the warmth and groove that rules the day. Deep-space is the place, even when the lyrics are firmly blunted in the backseat. In the heart of the EU, a universal boogie is at work.


4. Rustie :: Mini-Mix 2015

Speaking of Europe, what better way to kick off a tour than with a blistering half-hour of lightspeed bangers? Even those of us on the side of the Atlantic without any dates on the calendar can take solace in the trapathon that is a Rustie set (and even if it’s about one-fourth the length of his definitive, almost-two-years-old BBC Essential Mix). Unreleased material from the man himself as well as S-Type and Baauer slots in nicely beside verses from Keef and Thugger, whose loose-limbed bars are a natural fit for the Glaswegian’s big-synths-and-bigger-drums ethos. It hurts to lose him to the Continent, but we know he can’t keep away for long.


3. Ryan Hemsworth :: Secret Songs V Day mix (Diplo & Friends)


Yeah, Valentine’s Day was two weeks ago. WE KNOW. We were blissed out, all is full of love, that whole thing. Whatever it was, Ry Guy did the right thing and hipped us to what we’d missed by uploading this kawaii cyclone for DL the other day. Bookended by a Blink remix and a “Zelda edit,” it’s a characteristically Hemsworthian hour that’ll put your feels through their paces. Try to keep a dry eye.


2. Micachu :: NTS Radio 25th February 2015


Micachu’s eerie, bubbling-obsidian work on the score for Under the Skin should tell you that, when a Wings song comes on a little less than halfway through this hourlong set, something is deeply amiss. The plodding piano of “Let ‘Em In” is revealed as the sinister death’s-head memento mori that it always was, by virtue of being sandwiched between stomach-turning deconstructions courtesy of the Caretaker, psychouts by the likes of godheads Pere Ubu, and cavernous dub from Kingston legend King Tubby. A poignant RIP to viola player Vincent Sipprell (whose queasy bowing graced the Under the Skin score) comes in the form of several tracks from his Geese project, rounding out the emotional palette–bleak, unflinching, and devastatingly rewarding.


1. 1080p (Richard MacFarlane) :: Boiler Room Upfront 015


Vancouver is back–it seems like it never left–with a whole mess of unreleased goodies from one of the hottest, most prolific, and most out-there crews doing it. Bossman Richard MacFarlane (whose time on Dublab impressed us a few Fives back) opens up his bag o’tricks and out spills strange and wonderful gems that fly by faster than you can keep track. Scientific Dreamz of U (whose name alone is enough for us, thanks) come through boogying new-age style with “Sacred Fractal Geometry” (likewise), partystarting NYCer MCFERRDOG turns up a new joint, DV-i puts the breaks on ‘em at Rez tempo with “Fractal Mode” (sensing a theme here)–and that’s just the first 20 minutes. Whether it’s moving your feet or centering your still self, 1080p has jams to do it by.